Drachenwald Liber Primus – a book made by Drachenwalders

Greetings to the populace of the Kingdom of Drachenwald! There is an exciting new project developing in Our Kingdom: the Drachenwald Liber Primus. Inspired by “Calf to Codex” of the Middle Kingdom we – Mistress Silwa af Swaneholm and Meisterin Ellisa von Berenklaw – want to make a book of the Kingdom of Drachenwald. It will contain texts about the history, culture and stories of Drachenwald that will last through the ages. The book will be made from “scratch” in the same way that manuscripts were made during the medieval ages and in the style of the 14th to 15th century.  The two of us do not want to do this project all by ourselves. Therefore we are searching for Drachenwalders that would be interested to participate and contribute and are interested and willing to volunteer their time and expertise. All the trades and tasks that was used to make a book is needed. We are not only looking for scribes and bookbinders but also for woodworkers, flax growers, spinners, ink & paint makers as well as writers/poets/storytellers, translators, editors and metal workers. Be assured this list of trades does not contain all the tasks needed for making a book. 

There is only one task that we decided to leave out of this project, that is the parchment making. At the moment we do not possess the knowledge and experience here in Drachenwald to make parchment in the quality and quantity needed for a medieval book. More information will be provided by us through the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Drachenwald-Liber-Primus-513716172503866/ and (once it is set up by our web designers) the webpage Drachenwald Liber Primus. If you have questions regarding what tasks or trades are needed, just send us a message and ask. The project is not yet defined completely, ideas and suggestions are therefore not only welcomed but also requested from the participators.

Sponsors needed!

Since we will not make the parchment this is something we need to buy. All parchment will be bought from a company that professionally makes parchment for restoration and book production. Parchment is an expensive material and the purchase costs for one A5 size page of parchment are 12€. All expenses for the other materials needed like ink, paint, gold, metal, wood,  etc. are not included. For the purchase of parchment we are in need of donations. Even though we as project managers have other materials we will happily donate, the parchment costs exceed our financial budgets.

If you want to contribute to the first book of Drachenwald by becoming a sponsor, please know that is absolutely possible. You can choose between buying, 1, 10 or more pages in the book. 1 page will cost 12€, 10 pages cost 120€, and if you want to become a sponsor for more than 10 pages this is also possible. All donors of one page (12€) will have their names written into the Drachenwald Liber Primus, all sponsors who donate 10 pages will have their arms illuminated into the book in addition to their names. The sponsors who donate more than 10 pages will receive a specifically made token for the Drachenwald Liber Primus (that are numbered) in addition to their names and arms written into the book.The names of all sponsors will also be published on our webpage to make this process as visible as possible.

Donations can be made by PayPal. We have set up a new account with the name of the project. Here is the link that can be used: paypal.me/dwliberprimus .

We kick started the project Drachenwald Liber Primus at Cudgel War 2019.The positive responses were very generous and overwhelmingly positive. At the moment we are collecting the names of everyone who is interested to participate in the project as well as what trades/tasks each one is interested in and their contact information (email address). If you want to participate send us an email with this information. Letting us know that you are interested in participating is not a final commitment to the project. Once we have at least 2 people for each task we will contact you and give you more information and ask you for your final decision of commitment. If you agree, you will be assigned with your task.The official start with working at the tasks will be 12th night coronation 2020.

If you are interested please contact us through the following tools:

E-mail: dwliberprimus(a)gmail.com

Post on the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Drachenwald-Liber-Primus-513716172503866/

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The project managers Silwa and Ellisa